Paddy Bishopp

Paddy is an entrepreneurial leader who loves sharing his life experiences to help others on a similar journey.

Entrepreneurial Warrior

After working in London in sales and marketing, including launching a financial services online auction site, Paddy moved to East Anglia to follow his passion for food and drink.  First saw the launch of Eat Anglia in 2004, a food and drink home delivery, followed by his award winning Café/Deli.  The judges highlighted the quality of the coffee so when his coffee roaster moved abroad he saw an opportunity to launch a young, trendy vibrant coffee company.  In 10 years it has become the fastest growing independent coffee company in The UK supplying Waitrose, Tesco and over 700 Deli’s, hotels and restaurants, and businesses.  They have just launched their first High Street Cafes and are the only coffee company in The Accelerate 250 list - The UK's top 250 dynamic companies, geared for growth. The mix of his passion, energy and sales and marketing background is complimented with his business acumen and leadership in building a brand.

Paddy has shared his story and mentored other leaders both in the UK and overseas.