Gwyn Griffiths

Gwyn is a dynamic and resonant leader, who embraces innovation and inspires personal development in the workplace.

Leadership Coach

His early career in the armed services coupled with his experience in senior roles in professional services gives Gwyn real insight into leadership and management, which he’s always willing to share.

Gwyn has always been seen as an innovator – keen to learn and keen to challenge and test orthodoxy. His perspective on business challenges and major projects is highly influential. Gwyn has worked with teams and businesses to embrace values and develop vision, strategy, risk appetite and decision making frameworks in order to enable better decisions, often radical or disruptive, enabling the organisation to move away from the crowd.  

Authentic leaders, Gwyn says, succeed by decentralising leadership and empowering others, shining light on others’ achievements. He has successfully mentored members of his team and work colleagues through personal difficulties, career changes, career stagnation and promotion. Gwyn’s colleagues regularly referred promotion candidates to him for coaching and mentoring through the promotion process.  

Gwyn embraces the change mind-set – learning horse riding and skiing in his forties, riding the length of Britain at 51. According to his totally unbiased and honest young children, he is the best dad in the world; this is probably true.