Alec Nicholls

Alec loves to focus on on practical-based learning - doing it rather than just talking about it.

Workout Specialist

Over 12 years Alec has built a wealth of experience in the private and public sector as a facilitator and coach, offering communication skills development through practice. He continues to work as an Actor with many TV, Film and theatre credits. He applies many of those skills providing support, development and feedback to help people build on their personal impact and style. Practising rather than theorising. Performers will rehearse, athletes will train, and musicians will practise. Everyone in their particular field of work can take the opportunity to prepare in the same way.

After 20 years living under the Heathrow flight path Alec and his family now live in the countryside. He spends a lot of his time in wellies and is resisting the temptation to carry a stick with him when in the city. Local farmers still refer to him as ‘townie’.