5 Ways to Being a Great Learner

Top Tips

The most rewarding gift you can give yourself is to be a great learner, so here are some tips to help you:

Get over yourself - the biggest barrier to learning is normally you. Accept you are not always right - look to see how something might work rather than why it wouldn't. The leader who stops learning today becomes tomorrow's relic - and you aren't ready for that yet!

Others want to help - the easier you make it for them the more they will give and give. So embrace feedback, collect perspectives, then ask for more. Hold a mirror to yourself when you are receiving feedback and advice - is it a face that welcomes or a face that discourages?

Be a curious cat - keep looking for ideas and keep trying different things out. Just because something didn't work for you once don't let the exception prove the rule (curiosity only kills 3% of cats[1]). Switch off or suspend your limiting beliefs - how many times as a baby did you fall before you learnt to walk?

Be your own benchmark - don't be smug and stop learning because you're better than Jack; conversely don't sulk and give up because Jack is better than you. Just check in against yourself and be a better version of you every day. A word of caution on self-analysis - keep perspective and an even focus between the good and the not so good. If in doubt get a coach.

Have fun - trying new things and honing existing skills is to live life to the full. You'll radiate an infectious positivity which will be played back to you by those around you. And if you can't smile as you learn, what's the point?

Inspiration for this article came from working with the Business Development team at Intuit who, individually and collectively, are the greatest set of learners I have met so far.  And wow, did we give them everything we could, and more!


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