4 - Development Activities

What happens

Development activities take place with the POC's being a clear point of reference throughout, and explicitly for initial context setting and final action planning. The activities are underpinned by the concept of leader/peer-led learning, with external providers being used when necessary.

Activities may include: mentoring, shadowing, internal and external workshops, coaching, learning sets, online learning, accredited courses and any other innovative approaches identified by the mixed stakeholder group during the Alignment & Design stage.


• Snapshots of progress against the communications plan
• Interim reporting for longer projects

Value delivered

• Learning is context-led (not content-led) so readily applicable, leading to uplifts in performance
• Leader and peer-led learning fosters more collaborative and inclusive working environment, including a better tolerance of differences and mistakes
• Business benefits from a stronger culture of a growth mindset, which can inform and boost business growth
• Engagement and retention levels rise