3 - Alignment & Design

What happens

Line managers are given appropriate support prior to carrying out alignment conversations. The intention of these conversations is to explore differences and identify synergies. Afterwards individuals can update their POC’s and line managers can again add their input.

The resulting data is shared with the business leaders to determine how to approach stage 4 – development activities. This may be done via an individual updates and focus groups. Where necessary the business POC might be recalibrated.

The design and delivery programme for development activities (if necessary) is then mutually devised and agreed by a mixed stakeholder group. This will include a communications, monitoring and reporting plan, with ongoing reference to progress against the business and individual POC’s.


• Version 2 Individual POC’s
• Version 2 Summary Report
• Development Activities programme
• Communications, monitoring and reporting plan

Value delivered

• Increased rational and emotional resonance between all leaders leads to an uplift in levels of engagement
• Shared ownership of business and personal outcomes
• Line managers better at having 1-2-1 coaching conversations
• Clear measures for signposting and achieving success
• Clear briefs (RFP’s) for outsourced solutions if required