2 - Individual Purpose, Outcomes, Commitment (POC)

What happens

All potential participants reflect on their own purpose, desired outcomes, and commitment to their own leadership development within the context of the business and their personal objectives. This is supported by online surveys and is regularly done in conjunction with introductory workshops, line manager input and coaching.


The output of the process is an individual POC summary for every single participant, and a combined summary report with high level alignment rating and recommendations identifying trends and anomalies.

Value delivered

• Increased employee engagement at a personal level and appreciation of the business’s investment in their development
• Identification of bright and dark spots within the participants (individually and collectively) and their leaders at multiple levels
• Creates a bridge for alignment conversations with line managers
• Increased self-awareness and tapping in to intrinsic motivations can be enough to help individuals commit to being even better, and often leads to immediate increased performance through an uplift in discretionary efforts
• Reinforces the reality that the ultimate accountability for self-development lies with the individual