1 - Business Purpose, Outcomes, Commitment (POC)

What happens

A Business POC is created through senior business stakeholders agreeing upon the business purpose and outcomes of developing your leaders to deliver your project / business objectives, along with identifying the personal and business commitment to achieving those outcomes.

This may be achieved through a combination of facilitated focus groups, interviews, and online surveys.


The output of the process is a document that clearly articulates the business's POC (you can find an example in the resources and FAQ section below).

Value delivered

• More closely aligned business leaders with a robust Business POC that stands up to scrutiny and fosters support from all business stakeholders
• Contributes to the integrity of decisions at all future stages
• Helps leaders develop their skills in articulating their vision
• Earlier identification of potential roadblocks
• Measurable value of leadership development within the broader business context
• Starts shaping the process of what to do next