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Readiness - Unlocking the Value of Leadership Development Programmes

Companies today invest vast amounts of money and time in identifying and developing their people with the highest potential. So why is it that so many still fail to see the returns that the investment deserves. Why do ‘transformational’ leadership programmes only seem to deliver incremental change for the majority of those involved?

Trends in Leadership

As organisational realities evolve, so should the way we lead

Strong head, weak spine - a cautionary tale

Are we investing in the right leaders?

It's my life

At the weekend I like to take the dogs for a walk somewhere different to their usual weekday haunts – it gives us all a fresh experience.

Business is personal

Haresh stepped out of yet another pitch meeting and congratulated himself on coming up with an excellent idea and a superb delivery.

On playing the King

Many Catseye conversations – especially when discussing matters of leadership – often turn to behaviour and how to be a leader.

Derisking the risky stranger

You know what it’s like, you’ve just met someone new and you really quite like them.

First steps to next steps

Children have so much to learn – the everyday life skills that are ingrained habits for us as adults are all new experiences to them.

The power of the pause

Doing very little for greater rewards sounds easy, but so many of us fall short when it comes to capitalising on the power of the pause.

Being right

The blinkered plough horse in the picture knows what’s what and appears happy for it.

Dealing with the disengaged

So it’s that time of year again – the annual (or bi-annual) engagement survey has been sent round and everybody is eagerly anticipating the results.

Stop looking for the solutions

Could a deeper level of listening help management consultants to deliver better solutions?

Impatience is a virtue

Yes that's right. It's time to throw off the shackles and embrace some of that inner frustration. If you want to get anything done that is...

The Colour of Business

What’s the colour of your business?

Despite best intentions

Here is a little story about a feedback conversation which was started with the best of intentions, but landed with disappointing results. Take from it what you will that will help you be an even better leader.

How to eat an Elephant

We’ve all been there, both at work and at play. Big task. In fact, just too big and we don’t know where to start.

It's as easy as riding a bike

Chris muses on the conditions for learning something new and just how easy it is (or isn't) to ride a bike.

Debunking myths of body language

Body language is full of irregular verbs. Time to correct a few typos.

Learning from Demis Roussos

In my years as a professional photographer, one of my biggest thrills was seeing my work being widely used ...

Tell your boss

“Never give upward feedback. You’ll wreck your career, upset your boss and, worst of all, make a fool of yourself.”

Show a little meta-interest

You have interests and you probably invest a lot of time and effort in their pursuit.

Leaders' block

You’ve heard of writers’ block – a feeling of losing your muse that leaves you unable to come up with anything notable, original or even publishable.

Internal rivalry

Your boss has called a meeting to share some visionary ideas to kick the next project off.

Let your people lead the change

Right now, in offices all over the world, senior executives are huddled around trying to work out the answer to one big question….

When leadership begins

Leaders are made, not born or made in a lab. So where does it all start? Jamie shares a story about the emergence of an entrepreneurial hero.

Thin Slicing: A First Impression

How do you judge a book? You know the answer. But is meeting people any different?

Mex – Leadership attributes: positivity

This blog is the third of three in this series on leadership attributes. Please see the first and second blogs if you haven’t already before reading this one.

Mex – Leadership attributes: resilience

In this series of blogs we are going to be touching on resilience and positivity as attributes of leadership, and as it relates to what I’ve gone through during this experience with cancer.

When experts don’t know everything

All Catseye clients are smart. You're an expert in your field. What more is there left to learn?

Mex– resilience and positivity

The guys at Catseye Development asked me if I could do a few blogs touching on two key leadership attributes: resilience and positivity.

Counterintuitive Advice

Everyone loves a good story.

Nordic Walking

I try and exercise as often as possible – when I can fit it in or feel like it.