• Our purpose: To help the world perform better through developing its people
  • We believe that life, work and business should be easy and better. We want this for everyone which is why Catseye exists
  • Our corporate clients range from small owner-managed businesses with several staff through to global businesses with many thousands of staff. We operate across the UK and throughout the world
  • We are experts at helping people be the best they can be because we know that is when they deliver the best results for themselves and those around them
  • We love what we do and we never bite off more than we can chew

Purpose, Outcome, Commitment

Learning to be even better can be risky and take hard work. The Catseye POC process lines everyone up for success from the start  More >>


  • The Bottom Line

    Meaning, Whitmore argues is psychological, the “significance we ascribe to an event or an action in
  • Old Skool – New Skool

    What can be gained by getting things just a little bit wrong?
  • “Act better!”

    The age-old conundrum: What can one actually do to improve performance?
  • Let them think!

    Exactly why is it a good idea, especially for experts, to give people the chance to think for
  • Business Leadership Academy

    For a division of a big four professional services firm. Developing the skills of 70 senior leaders
  • Storytelling Workshops

    For a team specialising in managing business risk. Helping them learn how to tell stories that
  • Business Development Skills

    For the UK sales team of a Californian tech company. Fine-tuning personal impact, presentation and
  • From ‘Push’ to ‘Pull’

    Whitmore discusses what he calls a societal change from ‘push to pull’ where we download what we
  • #NextGenerationLeaders

    Rowan Tothill shares her thoughts on a week of work experience shadowing her Dad – Martin Tothill


Catseye develops leaders at all levels by helping them unleash their inherent leadership capabilities.  Find out more >>